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Energy Healing: Now More Than Ever

May 01, 2020 09:00AM ● By Paul Chen
In our April 2019 issue, we published a 12-page special section on energy healing—an enduring and effective practice that continues to grow in its appeal and reach to help improve both emotional and physical health. As today’s coronavirus pandemic is adding to the stress load of many Americans—indeed, stress levels are reportedly higher now than during the Great Recession—we decided to revisit the topic.

On March 27, Newsweek reported an ABC News/Washington Post survey finding that 70 percent of people are experiencing stress as a result of the coronavirus outbreak as compared to the peak of 61 percent during the Great Recession in 2009.

Then, on April 15, the magazine reported that Express Scripts, an American pharmacy benefit management company, “suggested that the use of mental health medications in the U.S. had shot up significantly since the pandemic began, with an over-34 percent increase in people filling prescriptions for anti-anxiety drugs.”

There are many ways to reduce stress in life, and energy healing is a very effective, non-pharmaceutical one.

Why does energy healing work? A wide range of energy healing modalities work because, as quantum physics proves, everything is energy. Lynne McTaggart, an award-winning journalist and author of The Field, explains it this way: “Everything is connected by the Zero Point Field (ZPF), a sea of energy that reconciles mind with matter, classic science with quantum physics, and science with religion.”

Emotions, positive and negative, are nothing but energy, which makes them amenable to energy healing. Moreover, not only are all of our physical bodily components—flesh, organs, bones, ligaments, etc.—also energetic in nature, they are all tied to specific chakras and meridian points.

Today’s conventional wisdom states that stress can contribute to the development of physical ailments. In fact, negative emotions can be mapped to particular physical conditions. “For example,” says Shannon O’Flaherty, a shamanic practitioner and spiritual counselor based in England, “someone with constant bladder infections or kidney problems may be very angry.” Thus, energy healers who work on a client to improve their emotional health can also positively impact the health of their physical body.

From our reporting last year, Natural Awakenings discovered that the number one reason people seek out energy healing is for longstanding and/or overwhelming emotional issues such as resentment, grief and anger. Similarly, anxiety and depression—earning a category all their own—constitute another top reason people pursue energy healing treatment. The seventh most common motivator for people to seek out energy healing is for spiritual development. While not strictly emotional in nature, one’s religious and spiritual beliefs serve to help them make sense of the world around them, and in this time of coronavirus, it is certain that many people’s spiritual beliefs are being challenged. 

Remote Healing

While energy healing has proven itself effective, can healing occur even without being physically present with the healer? Since most energy healers are forced to work remotely these days, this is a relevant concern.

In fact, there is plenty of evidence of efficacy. In her 2007 book, The Intention Experiment, McTaggart states that “a large body of evidence exists about the positive effects of distant healing—perhaps 150 studies in all.”

Further, in a February 2014 blog post, McTaggart described a University of Arizona double-blind study on distance healing of cardiac patients. In the study conducted by psychologist Gary Schwartz, subjects were not told whether they were receiving remote healing or not. After three days of healing, “in both the treatment and control groups, certain patients strongly believed that they had received the treatment and others had a strong feeling they’d been excluded. When Schwartz tabulated the results, he discovered the best outcomes were among those who had received Johrei (an energy healing technique) and believed they had received it. The worse outcomes were those who had not received Johrei and were convinced they had not had it.”

Moreover, many energy healers believe that remote energy healing can be more powerful than in-person sessions. “Distance healing can often be more effective because people’s egos are out of the way,” explains O’Flaherty. Similarly, Atlanta-based energy healer Tammy Billups senses that more clients fall asleep during remote sessions than they do in person, possibly because they “feel more comfortable being in their beds.” She finds that when clients fall asleep, sessions are more productive  because the subject’s mind is less resistant.

Why does remote energy healing work? It’s the nature of quantum reality; it transcends space and time. Since everything is connected to the Zero Point Field, as McTaggart claims, healers can instantaneously connect to someone’s energy field. Energy healing is quantum in nature, not chemical, and that explains why healing can occur much, much faster. Chemical changes take time; quantum changes do not. Spontaneous remission has its label precisely because it is spontaneous.

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