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Pranic Healers Unite in Worldwide COVID Response

Mar 18, 2021 02:47PM ● By Dawn M. Myers
In early 2020, Atlanta pranic healer and life coach Dawn M. Myers met online nightly with a few energy healers to study the energetics of COVID-19 and explore how pranic healing might help mitigate the ravages of the pandemic. As a result of their work, they launched Project Hope for Healing, a growing collaboration of pranic healers around the world dedicated to helping as many people suffering with the virus as they could. Since then, many pranic healing “pods” have formed worldwide to remotely help thousands heal from the elusive virus.

In the early months of the COVID-19 outbreak, as people around the world withdrew in response to the emerging, unknown virus, a group of 12 senior pranic healers gathered on Zoom late at night to try to understand the energetic impact the COVID-19 virus was having on people they knew. Night after night, they spent hours doing pranic energy techniques on people remotely while exploring the energetic effects on their subjects and monitoring and documenting progress. The understanding they gained gave them insight into how to proceed effectively.

Pranic healing is an energetic “no-touch” healing system based on utilizing the body’s life force, or prana, to accelerate its natural ability to heal. Pranic healing can help improve a full spectrum of physical and psychological conditions and is practiced by hundreds of thousands in more than 120 countries around the world. Studies have shown that the method is a safe, non-invasive way to address the energetic aspects of physical, emotional and psychological ailments. It also has proven itself to be a complimentary practice alongside more traditional medical treatments.

Leading the effort of the small group of pranic healers was Dr. Glenn J. Mendoza, Executive Medical Director of the Pranic Healing Research Institute, and one of only eight people worldwide granted the title “Master of Pranic Healing.” From their late-night research, the group developed a pranic healing protocol for use on people with COVID-19, which they distributed to more than 60 “healing pod” groups around the world. Averaging 10 healers per pod, the groups worked on thousands of people with COVID symptoms every day.

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“At first, COVID-19 seemed foreign to us,” admits Mendoza. “We barely knew anyone who was infected, but we knew the virus would eventually touch every one of our lives in some way. So we organized early, hoping and praying for the best, preparing for the worst, and expecting the unpredictable.” 

Every Wednesday, Mendoza led group meetings of 100 to 300 pranic healers, in which they discussed updates and feedback, asked and answered questions, and participated in meditation and inspiration to keep the healers’ energy and spirits high.

“We found strength together and continued to help in the best way we knew how. And although we were physically separated, we inspired each other, received more strength of intention and got closer as a community,” says Mendoza.

They named their efforts “Project Hope for Healing.”

By December 2020, more than 80,000 pranic healing sessions were administered to more than 3,000 patients, averaging about 18 sessions per patient. Patient demographic data was obtained and fed into a pranic healing dashboard that allowed all of the healers to stay updated about the progress of patients and to share their experiences. Privacy and confidentiality of patient data were strictly maintained.

Kim Siar, a senior pranic healer from Norristown, Pennsylvania, has led a healing pod every day since March 2020, doing remote healings on friends, family and strangers around the world. “Our collective energies, our capacity to heal and the protocol guided us and allowed each of us to break through insurmountable odds and do something to help.” [See the group's COVID protocol at—Ed.]

Nicole Fouche owns a pranic healing center in Tampa, Florida, and shares that the most impactful part of the healing pods for her was when her group focused on her husband, who had contracted COVID-19. “My husband had shortness of breath and a slight fever and was extremely weak. He could not take a full breath in and was starting to panic. After calling the hospital, I recruited our pod healing team, and what happened next was nothing short of miraculous. Within 25 minutes, my husband was breathing more calmly. The team repeated the healing every few hours that first day. The next day, he was breathing completely normally and was able to recover at home. I know for sure that if it were not for this healing, we would have been on the way to the hospital. Having a dedicated team with expert skills is truly a game-changer. I am forever grateful to have received this care for my husband as well as to be able to offer it to those suffering with severe illness.”

Erin Lynch teaches pranic healing and runs a healing pod in Boston. “I had extreme difficulty breathing, a very high temperature, sore throat, body aches and a terrible cough,” she says. “I was so fortunate to have healing pods work on me at different times throughout the day. My body would instantly react to the healing. My fever came down, and that lessened my body aches, and my lungs opened up as if I had just had a breathing treatment. It was an incredible feeling. I believe that without these amazing healing pod workers, I would have been admitted to the hospital because my body and lungs were attacked by the virus.” Lynch continues leading her pod every day, helping others who are still struggling with this virus.

“The response from our community does not surprise me,” says Mendoza. “Our healers were struggling with their own personal issues, changes in jobs, family life and juggling the effects of COVID-19 themselves. Still, the will to do good is embedded in their hearts and has been the ultimate driving force in moving this project forward.”

Mendoza was deeply moved by the generosity of the healers who asked for nothing in return. “These are the kindest, most compassionate and hard-working people who are dedicated to doing all they can to help. I did my very best to inspire them. But it turned out it was me who got inspired.”

Project Hope for Healing continues to operate. Many healing pods continue to meet daily, helping COVID patients heal and addressing post-COVID recovery. Requests for healing continue to come in at its website,

 “I believe that team-centered healing to be the future of energy healing,” says Mendoza. “We see doctors working together in teams in the medical field; the teamwork we have established and implemented [with the healing pods] will carry forward in [pranic healing] as well.” ❧

Dawn Myer is a full-time pranic healer and life coach in Atlanta and works closely with Dr. Mendoza and The Center for Pranic Healing USA in New Jersey. For more information, visit To learn about Project Hope for Healing, visit
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