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Heal Thyself Moves to East Atlanta

May 02, 2022 06:00AM ● By Staff

Lala Huseynova, right, with daughter Tomris Ahmad Shah. (Photo: Tomris Ahmad Shah)

In January, Heal Thyself Atlanta, a full-service wellness center and spa, moved to new digs on Moreland Avenue.

“Our wellness center is known for being a one-stop shop to help our clients get on track with their health, unwind and feel rejuvenated,” says owner Lala Huseynova. “We offer services from colon hydrotherapy to massages, organic facials, foot detoxes, hip baths, reiki, hyperbaric chambers and chakra balance work. Essentially, we cover all of the bases for healing.”

Huseynova wanted to find a location that clients could get to easily without having to drive out of town. “But we also wanted a place where people could decompress and feel like they were away from the city’s hectic environment. When we toured the Moreland area, we realized that our vision for the wellness center could be fulfilled in East Atlanta; it would allow us to be in the heart of the city yet give our clients the feeling of being in a charming small town with horse stables and quiet streets.”

The new 3300-square-foot space has 14 rooms for the wide range of services offered at the wellness center.

With a background in healthcare finance, Huseynova noticed that instead of working to keep healthy people healthy, the healthcare industry just treats people at their sickest. “It never felt good to me since it doesn’t help people address root causes and really get to the bottom of what’s going on in people’s health. So we decided to create a place for those who want to heal themselves before it’s too late—and enjoy a fuller, healthier lifestyle.”

Heal Thyself Atlanta is located at 158 Moreland Ave. SE in Atlanta. For more information, visit, call 470-558-6339 or email [email protected].
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