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Dr. Roberta Cann Retires

Jul 01, 2022 06:00AM ● By Staff

Dr. Roberta Cann

Dr. Roberta Cann, a holistic dentist who took over her father’s practice in the early 1990s and sold it to Dr. Cale Jackson in 2019, has retired from Atlanta Dental Wellness, formerly Cann Dentistry. 

“My dream has come true to retire with complete confidence that my friends and patients will continue under the care of extraordinary doctors,” says Cann. “I was touched by Dr. Jackson’s passion for the science of dentistry. He quickly connected to my vision that patients’ healthcare preferences are unique and should be uniquely respected and supported.” 

Jackson was equally complimentary. “While dental school taught me the skills needed to be a good dentist, Dr. Cann’s mentorship helped me become a great dentist,” says Jackson. “She introduced me to a way of practicing dentistry I dreamed about finding and welcomed me with open arms into her practice.”

The practice’s third dentist, Dr. Matthew Giordano, says: “Although I’m sad Dr. Cann won’t be sharing Wednesdays in the office with me anymore, we should instead be celebrating her almost 40-year career in which she touched so many people’s hearts—including mine! I am so grateful she took me under her wing, taught me her philosophy and allowed me to grow into my own version of her vision.”

Cann was attracted to dentistry early in life. In a February 2020 interview about the sale of Cann Dentistry, she said, “From the time I was 12, I’d spend time at the dental office, file charts or X-rays or do whatever I could to be helpful. And it was very exciting for me when they decided I was old enough to enter the treatment room and learn to be a dental assistant—I could be where the fun was.”
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