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Two Firsts

Apr 01, 2023 06:00AM ● By Paul Chen
As I write this in mid-March, the impact of KnoWEwell’s acquisition of Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation (NAPC) is beginning to become clear. Not surprisingly, the effort revolves around how the two companies can leverage each other. This month, we have two “firsts” within our pages that result from this new relationship, and I want to write about them from the perspective of values and integrity.

The First First

Within this month’s magazine, you’ll find a 2.5-page advertisement by IBSA Pharma, a Swedish pharmaceutical company. The ad is getting published in all but one of the Natural Awakenings franchises across the U.S., and it represents the first placement of its kind—probably in the history of NAPC, but definitely since I’ve owned the Atlanta franchise. 

The ad’s appearance has nothing to do with KnoWEwell since the deal was initiated many months prior to the acquisition of Natural Awakenings. However, it is clear that given the assets of KnoWEwell, their ability to execute similar deals in the future will be enhanced significantly.  

Importantly, the ad is for a pharmaceutical product. The obvious question is: Why is there a drug ad in a holistic health magazine? Since, as a publisher, I had the option to run the ad or not, I’m the only one that can answer this question for the Atlanta franchise. 

The answer can be expressed in one word: bio-individuality. “Bio-individuality” essentially means one size does not fit all; what works for one person might not work for another. Indeed, I indirectly referenced the concept in last month’s letter when I wrote about the terrific results I experienced from the SoftWave treatment I received for my right knee. 

This magazine is, to be sure, all about holistic health, but that doesn’t mean we are against mainstream medicine. I’ve been dedicated to seeking the truth all my life, and the truth is that, generally speaking, some conditions are more amenable to holistic approaches, while others are more amenable to allopathic and surgical approaches. This magazine stands for solutions that work for you, and by that we don’t just mean treatments that reduce symptoms and causes, but those that do so with as few negative side effects as possible. Fixing one thing while breaking another is not ideal, to say the least. 

In other words, sometimes drugs will be one’s best and perhaps only effective alternative. This magazine is not anti-pharmaceuticals at all; we support trying out the holistic route first, assuming there isn’t a severe time constraint that demands a quick solution. 

The Second First

The second “first” is the promotion of the Women’s Wellness Series offered by KnoWEwell. You’ll find a news brief about the series as well as a full-page house ad within these pages. The price for the event is $59, and, full disclosure, the magazine gets a percentage of that when people use our custom URL to register for the event. What’s new is that the business that owns NAPC is producing the event and will continue to produce similar events in the future. Like Natural Awakenings, KnoWEwell is all about holistic approaches to health, and hosting these kinds of health education events provides significant value to their customers.

As I’ve expressed before, I believe that the acquisition of NAPC by KnoWEwell will serve publishers well in the future, both mid-term and long-term. This magazine benefits financially from the IBSA pharmaceutical ad, and we might also benefit financially from the Women’s Wellness Series. But it’s important for me to say that these two “firsts” benefit our readers, too, because we will never stray from our belief in and advocacy for holistic health. We will always maintain the highest degree of journalistic integrity when it comes to presenting content to you, our valued readers. ❧

Publisher of Natural Awakenings Atlanta since 2017, Paul Chen’s professional background includes strategic planning, marketing management and qualitative research. He practices Mahayana Buddhism and kriya yoga. Contact him at [email protected].
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